Platform introduction

Let us grow together by adding more value to Seoul’s startups.

Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking Top 12
Seoul, the city of startups. 'Startup Plus' will connect the players in Korea’s startup ecosystem.
A city of opportunity, startups.
Since 2011, the city of Seoul has implemented a scale-up policy for startups to revitalize the economy by fostering the Fourth Industry businesses and providing customized support for each growth stage. The city has provided support for startups in various ways such as creating a fund of 3.435 trillion won, establishing a network of large corporations both domestic and overseas, and providing support for research and development. The city will create a driving force for the growth of Seoul's economy by discovering and supporting startups that can make new industries based on innovative services and technologies and dominate the overseas market.
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As the representative platform for Seoul's startups, Startup Plus allows users to view information about companies and investment information--which used to be scattered in various places--in one place. Furthermore this platform links startups, infrastructure, etc. by making information into resources and supports the scale-up by discovering and cultivating innovative startups. With the goal of fostering 40 unicorn companies in Seoul by 2030 and creating a startup ecosystem at a level of the global TOP 5 ranking, the city of Seoul will expand the network for investment support that allows startups to get settled quickly in the market open innovation and expanding into a global market. By intensively supporting essential areas of the startup ecosystem, the city will create a startup-friendly ecosystem.